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PetalPETAL is a delightful silver tabby kitten aged about 4months. She is bright and active, very friendly and playful, purrs contentedly and is an absolute delight.
Sadly Petal has a serious heart condition which our vets have confirmed is inoperable. Although she looks extremely well and is currently enjoying her life with her foster carers, the probability is that her condition will be life threatening at some point in the future. This could be a matter of a few weeks or anywhere up to 10 years from now. Her heart valves are not properly formed and there is a chance that the blood flow will reverse and she would die extremely quickly.

Are you that special person who could provide Petal with a safe and loving home with lots of opportunities for fun and amusement with the greatest of care, protection and love?

The ideal environment would be an indoor situation with a caring and experienced owner who is at home for a good part of the day. If you can also provide a good sized fully enclosed outdoor run that would be a real bonus to ensure that Petal is not completely deprived of outdoor experiences.
The most critical elements of her care will be avoidance of situations which might cause stress or panic and ensuring protection from any more dominant animals. She has been vaccinated and fully treated for fleas and worms. It will be necessary for a new owner to keep her protection up to date with boosters and regular treatments when due. She is very clean and uses her tray with gritty cat litter without any problems. She loves her wet food (provided it is the right food!) but so far she has shown no interest in any type of dried food. She loves to sit and watch visitors to the bird table just outside her window!
A home check will be carried out before re homing. Please phone the centre on 01896 849090 if you’re interested in giving Petal a loving home.

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