DonationsIf you like what we do and what you hear we’d be delighted if you helped us stay on air by making a donation. TD1 Radio is a non-profit making organisation and we rely totally on donations from members of the public or funding from external bodies.

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We are also happy to receive unwanted CDs and vinyl records to help expand our music library, as well as radio related equipment (such as microphones, cables, computers, mixing consoles etc) . If you have anything you think we’d be interested in, please get in touch with us via our ‘contact us’ page.

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Like most Community Radio Stations, TD1 Radio welcomes welcomes offers of donations whether monetary or materialistic (eg equipment, CDs, records etc) as long as these enable the station’s continuing development over the long term.Donations must be freely given with no expectation of anything in return other than due thanks and recognition. TD1 Radio are pleased to accept all lawful donations which are given in good faith and which are compatible with the station’s aims, values and objectives. As TD1 Radio values and safeguards its autonomy, integrity and reputation, the Board and Members do not accept donations when a condition of acceptance would compromise these fundamental principles.Any donation is accepted on the basis that we reserve the right to accept, reject, sell or otherwise dispose of donated materials. We apply the same objective selection criteria to donated items as we do to those we buy. We are unable to inform donors of the usage patterns of any materialistic items (eg equipment, CDs etc). Any monies donated will be used to keep the station running, unless a specific appeal is being broadcast asking for donations for a specific cause (eg equipment purchase etc)

Once a donation has been made (whether it be materialistic or monetary) it cannot be returned or refunded. By making a donation to TD1 Radio you agree to these terms and conditions.