Terms & Conditions

TD1 Radio’s Terms & Conditions outline the rules and regulations regarding use of TD1 Radio’s services including the website, communication and competitions.

The below is split into three main sections; Website Terms of Use, Terms of Communication with TD1 Radio, and General Competition Terms.

Any use of the TD1 Radio website – www.td1radio.com – (‘our website’), any form of communication with TD1 Radio (‘contacting the station’) and entry into any TD1 Radio competition will be subject to the below Terms & Conditions.

Section 1: Website Terms of Use

1.1 – You (‘the user’) are subject to these terms at all times when accessing our website.
1.2 – Our website is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding during times of maintenance.
1.2.1 – During times of maintenance, the user should not attempt to gain access to any sections of the site not made publicly visible via links or hotspots.
1.2.2 – Should a link become publicly available on our website that the user feels should be hidden, the user should contact the web team immediately. This can be done through regular contact methods.
1.3 – The user should not attempt to gain access areas of our website which request a password, where the user does not have a legitimate password issued by the web team.
1.4 – All information provided by the user on any form available on our website is subject to the terms and conditions stated in Section 4 of this document.
1.5 – Only information that is believed to be correct will be made publicly available on our website.
1.5.1 – All published information on our website is assumed, by the individual writer (‘the author’), to be accurate at the time of publication.
1.5.2 – Should the user find information that may be incorrect on our website, they are to contact the web team to inform them of the matter.
1.5.3 – The author of any published material on our website accepts full responsibility for such material when the article is made live.
1.6 – TD1 Radio cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or other negative values caused by any external website which may be linked to on our website.

Section 2: Terms of Communication with TD1 Radio

2.1 – When submitting any information to TD1 Radio the user subject to the terms and conditions outlined on this page.
2.2 – The user may contact TD1 Radio using any form of technology advertised by the station.
2.2.1 – Forms of communication may be made via the medium of telephone, electronic mail message, social networking or via specific contact forms published on our website. Postal communication will also be accepted at our published address as well as FAX communication.
2.3 – Upon submission of any information to TD1 Radio, the user agrees that the details included may be passed on to any relative individual, within TD1 Radio, who may be concerned by such details.
2.3.1 – Individuals whom receive the submitted information may use the details to communicate with the user at any time.
2.4 – TD1 Radio agrees to hold the information for a period of time that is no longer than the station deems necessary and promises to permanently destroy the information submitted when it is no longer deemed to be required information.
2.5 – TD1 Radio promises to hold all personal information in a secure place with no third parties gaining any access to any information submitted.
2.6 – Where necessary, TD1 Radio may quote or publish details submitted by the user either publicly or privately.
2.6.1 – In either case, TD1 Radio will attempt to gain permission to quote or publish such details by contacting the user in the same method originally used contact with the station by the user.
2.6.2 – TD1 Radio will make no more than three attempts to gain permission to quote or publish enclosed details before assuming permission and quoting or publishing any details.
2.6.3 – Personal information – such as telephone numbers, email addresses, home addresses and other such personal information – will not be made public unless absolutely necessary and permission is sought.

Section 3: Competition Terms

3.1 – When entering any competition operated by TD1 Radio, the user is subject to the terms and conditions published on this page.
3.2 – The user may only enter competitions using the selected methods announced on air or on our website.
3.2.1 – Any entry charge, be it by telephone or text, TD1 Radio will make this very clear in all references to the competition.
3.2.2 – Any text entry is subject to standard texting rate charges as issued by the user’s mobile operator.
3.2.3 – Any telephone entry is subject to standard call charges per minute as issued by the user’s telephone operator. This charge may be higher for mobile users.
3.3 – The user may only submit one entry per competition, unless otherwise stated.
3.4 – Entries must be made before the announced closing date of the individual competition.
3.4.1 – Entries made after the closing date will not be counted but may still be subject to any charges.
3.5 – Entries made to any competition online or via electronic communication can be made at no charge.
3.6 – TD1 Radio cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any entries that are subject to delay and thus do not make the competition closing date.
3.7 – Postal entries will be accepted for up to five days after the closing date for all other entry methods.
3.8 – Entrants under 16 years of age must seek parental permission to enter any TD1 Radio competition. Proof may be required.
3.9 – It is the responsibility of the winner of any competition to collect their prize from the TD1 Radio offices unless otherwise stated.
3.10 – Competitions may be subject to additional terms which will be stated alongside competition details.